Volg (ISC)² NL

CISO dinner

A message from the President of the German Chapter.

Hello dear colleague,

I am planning and organizing a CISO dinner in Amsterdam for a dedicated group of CISOs. The planned setup allows a group of 10-20 invited CISOs or similar people in charge of infosec to meet in a relaxed atmosphere (without a given agenda). They will exchange their thoughts, fears and successes on whatever topic they consider important in a Chatham House Rules environment.

Date and location will be Thursday, 21st of March 2019 at 18.30 h in Amsterdam at the Pulitzer Amsterdam Restaurant Jansz (Prinsengracht 323) – Copper Chamber.

I expect interesting talks and discussions similar to those that typically happen after conferences and themed meetups, but within a more comfy and quieter place.

Even though meal and drinks are sponsored by VENAFI, no sales presentation or pitch nor transfer of your contact details by me or the organizers will happen. Still you might want to check your compliance policy. If you decide to exchange business cards during the evening it is your decision and free will. As said the Chatham House Rules will apply and will help to exchange thrilling stories and talks about interesting topics with a fabulous dinner.

I’ve already arranged several CISO dinners in Germany and Switzerland and it was exciting and fascinating talking to friends and colleagues, hearing of their problems and sharing their solutions.

For registration, please send a short note to the organizing office at info@stollvent.de. In case of questions do not hesitate to contact me at Rainer.rehm@security-ambassador.org or +491711073394

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Best regards, Rainer