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Elections 2018

The first board elections will be held soon. Our president explains the hows and whys of these elections in this message. Furtermore, this message contains some official information associated with elections: board members stepping down, designated nominees, call for candidates, and the list candidates and their motivations.

Lectori Salutem!

The first board elections will be held soon. Our internal regulations (Huishoudelijk regelement, HHR, in Dutch) describe the procedures.

Overall steps are:

  1. announce terms that will end (by September 1st, 2018)
  2. announce the designated nominees for the vacancies (by October 1st, 2018)
  3. call for candidates from the (ISC)² NL registrants (closes November 1st, 2018)
  4. organise elections (to be held January, 2019)

Note you must a (ISC)² member to have a vote in the elections (ref. lid 7 HHR versie -1-).

Step 2 above is to maintain continuity: in case no candidates come forward in step 3, the Foundation could be left without a board. Such should never happen. Therefore, the current board temporarily appoints board members, with the expressed intention to make the appointment final if no candidates are found or the voting procedures do not result in an elected candidate.

There are two entities to consider in: de Foundation and the Chapter. The relation between these two is explained below, see “Relation Foundation and Chapter“.

Board members whose terms end in 2018

In accordance to HHR (versie -1-) artikel 8 lid 2, the board announces the term of the following board members ends in 2018:

  • Rosita Hoving (not eligible for re-election), in the Foundation: algemeen lid, in the Chapter: Director Events
  • Henk Klöpping (eligible for re-election), in the Foundation: chairman, in the Chapter: President

Rosita honorably resigned already some time ago. The board has left her post vacant. Her Chapter role as Director Events (hoofd Evenementencommissie) is being fulfilled by the Foundation’s secretary, Mark Tissink.

Designated nominees

In accordance to HHR (versie -1-) artikel 8 lid 2, the board has published the following designated nominees on October 1st, 2018:

Name In the Foundation In the Chapter
Eric Nieuwland General member, Director IT Membership Chair
Otto Ede Pool General member, Director Education
Mark Tissink Secretary, Director Events Secretary
Mike Talen Treasurer Treasurer
Henk Klöpping Chairman President


Call for candidates

The board calls for candidates who would like to stand for election to report to the board.

In addition to appointing 2 board members according to procedures, the board intends to appoint additional general board members if possible.

Report to the board using the contactform (choose “Aanmelden” for “To”) before November 1st, 2018. Please include for which post(s) in you would like to apply: general member or president. You may also apply for chairman of one of our committees.

Note you must a (ISC)² member to have a vote in the elections, cf. EXHBIT A TO (ISC)2 CHAPTER AFFILIATION AGREEMENT, 4th paragraph.


Björn Leenen

In the last couple of years, I have been an active member in the community where I have been helping out with the organization of events in the last half year. The chapter has become very mature over the last 3 years, so we need a president that knows what the chapter is all about and wants to grow the chapter even further. The plans that have been set in motion, need to be continued and new plans need to be made for expanding in other ways as well.

My background can be found online (, but in the last decade I have been very (pro)active in the IT Security industry, as Trusted Advisor, presenter, Product Manager and Sales Engineer.

A few of my plans for the future of our wonderful chapter are I have outlined below, where I want to start these projects, and make them successful within a year, with a little help of chapter-members:

  • I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge, getting people enthusiastically involved in making the world a more secure place to live in and helping each other getting this done. Events will continue to be bigger and better. I want to involve other members for this (ad-hoc and more permanent), to share the load and make this easier.
  • Not far in our new year I would like to make it a point on the agenda to get our members involved in making our chapter also an education platform for the young members of society. We live in a world, where schools need to bring our kids, the future of our society, a form of security awareness.
  • I would like to try to get the larger organizations aware of our chapter, so we can get sponsors for better events. Also liaising with other platforms is an option here, because we all stand for the same message, making the world a safer and secure place.

Again, as president I want to grow the chapter even more, liaise with other platforms and get (IT) security an item on the agenda for schools. I hope that with this motivational letter, I can count on your vote.

Heinrich Klöpping

It was an honour the be invited to become the President of the Dutch Chapter in 2016. Under my Presidency we set up a legal entity to represent our Chapter, set up an organisational structure and created a long term vision. We set up a registry to allow us to comply with the GDPR and organised succesful events. The steady focus of our Board, the hard work of our volunteers and the quality of their efforts led to a steady increment of registrees. Attendance of our events grew accordingly, and we welcomed our first silver and bronze sponsors. We organised volunteer days and reached out to various companies and organisations to further grow our Chapter.  And we are now on the brink of our first formal elections. Our Chapter is fully alive and kikcing – it have been 2 wonderful year, indeed!

But I believe I am not done yet, and I would love the chance to lead our Chapter for another 3 year term. My focus would be to continue the current success, build stronger and better networks and cooperate with other organisations to underline the importance of information security in modern society. Last year I have been invited to become a member of the Chapter Leaders Task Force which allows me to actively influence the strategy of all (ISC)2 Chapters whilst learning from their experience. I would like to continue the relation between the CLTF and the Dutch Chapter.

I would like to work on better events, more events and other types of events, as they are the core activity of our Chapter. But at least as important is to involve more volunteers, and find more sponsors. We have started to reach out to civil society as we, as an accreditation and certification support organisation have a lot to offer to society. Political events, societal education and providing guidelines and awareness would also be focus under my continued Presidency. And, last but not least, involving the young, as they are our future.

Relation Foundation and Chapter

The relation between the Foundation and the Chapter may be confusing, so here is some explanation.

  • The Chapter is supported by a Foundation.  A Foundation is a legal entity that governs financials in order to establish a goal. A Foundation is led by a Board. Board members serve terms of limited duration. The statutes specify the length of a term. “Our” Foundation has terms of two years. It is upto the Board to appoint board members, the only condition being each new board member’s consent. The Board may choose to reinstate itself over and over, all it needs is a formal decision.
  • Then there is “the Chapter“. This can be any group of people and needs not be a formal entity. A Chapter serves the interests of local (ISC)² members, in close cooperation with (ISC)². It also has a board. (Note ‘board’ is written with a lowercase ‘b’ here.)  (ISC)² has specific rules to chapters and their boards, called the Affiliation Agreement. The Affiliation Agreement states – among others – the board of a Chapter must be established through elections. In addition, the Affiliation Agreement holds a Chapter should have by-laws to regulate its operation.

We could , in principle, have had TWO completely separate entities each with its own board: the Chapter with its board, and the Foundation with its Board. Furthermore, a non-legal entity cannot effectively operate in The Netherlands; e.g. it cannot have a bank account. How then is the Chapter board going to receive funds for its activities? Highly impractical.

To solve this efficiently, the Board of the Foundation signed the Affiliation Agreement. The ‘by-laws’ of the Chapter coincide with the huishoudelijk reglement (HHR) of the Foundation, which is legal within Dutch Law. The HHR respects the rules set by the Affiliation Agreement, which is verified by  (ISC)². The HHR describes how the Board organises its elections, thus also filling in for the board.

Heinrich W. Klöpping – voorzitter / President