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(cooperation) Innoxcell – White collar crime tech

Digital transformation is apparent in legal and regulatory compliance arena. Lawyers, Head of Compliance and Risk professionals have witness the rise in regulation technology, machine learning, digital disruptions that involve in legal management, due diligence, investigations & data governance. There are tools and techniques been developed every day to enhance our operation and meet regulatory requirement.

White Collar Crime Tech is designed to explore the digital arena within legal, compliance, risk and litigation market. In the next few years, digital transformation is changing traditional ways of providing legal services. White Collar Crime Tech focuses on topics include technology that streamline fraud investigation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, latest eDiscovery best practices, data analytics and cyber legal risk.

White Collar Crime Tech will take place at various cities around the world. These exclusive and multi-sectoral sessions bring together multi-national companies, governments and financial services. The aim is to unite key decision makers to address, debate, share ideas, raise awareness and deep dive around a current pressing issue in the global white-collar crime and compliance community.

Industries Represented: Law Enforcement, Financial Institutions, Government, Large Enterprises, Healthcare, Energy Sector, Critical Infrastructure, Service/Solutions Providers, Legal, Telecommunications

Topics to be discussed:

  • Digital Transformation – Key Enablers of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance
  • How Can Big Data Steer the Prevention and Fight Against Financial Crime?
  • The Whole New World- Fraud Detection
  • Enhance KYC on Blockchain Technology
  • Cyber Fraud Threats are Big? – Consequences are Bigger
  • Machine Learning: Third Party Risk Management
  • Preventing Data Security Breach to Mitigate Losses
  • Interfacing Technology and White Collar Crime – Litigating in the Electronic Age
  • Future Landscape of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Future of Blockchain Technology in Compliance Programs


Dit event vindt plaats in samenwerking met:

what (cooperation) Innoxcell – White collar crime tech
when 21/11/2018
where Bilderberg Garden Hotel - Dijsselhofplantsoen 7, 1077 BJ Amsterdam


09:00 Opening
18:00 Closing